1st  meeting

Our 1st meeting is a pleasant time in a comfortable place where you can feel secured and relaxed to open up and share.

This is time for your nutritionist to get to know lots about you like that s/he can provide an appropriate personalized advice.

Your nutritional consultant/Naturopath collects information about:

* your medical history

* your lifestyle habits

* your dietary patterns

* your current health and well-being goal


We offer...

Follow-up appointment

After a 1st visit, we offer you several ways to contact your nutritional consultant/naturopath at your convenience:

- Office consultation

- Home visit

- Phone consultation

- E- consultation

- E-mail consultation 


E-Consultations : Monday to Saturday

Following your 1st visit (basically 1 week after) we give you another appointment with your nutritional consultant/Naturopath.

This is crucial to respect this way, firstly, to empower you with all the relevant information and practical advice you will need to make healthy choices. And secondly, we can adjust the content to target your priorities.